​About Shinken Kan

Welcome to Shinken Kan!

My name is Justin Leavitt, founder of Shinken Kan and a senior instructor in the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance. I ​am a father with a passion for fitness and health, learning, teaching, and passing on the art of karate. I value hands-on teaching, creativity, and I love artwork in all its forms including, and especially, the martial arts. 

​On this page you'll learn all about Shinken Kan, ​our beliefs, how we teach, about our teachers, and what to expect as a student. Thank​ you ​for being a part of Shinken Kan!

Shinken Kan Ryukyu Kempo Karate School

Shinken Kan has a passion for life protection and passing on the truthful art of Ryukyu Kempo Karate.

​What is Shinken Kan?

Shinken Kan is a school in the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance​ and certified by Allan Amor Kaicho​. We have a passion for life protection and passing on the truthful art of Ryukyu Kempo Karate.

Shinken Kan, or 審拳館, is translated as the school of the deliberate hand. 審 (Shin) is deliberate, 拳 (Ken) means the many uses of the hand, and (Kan) is our school. This means that we as a part of Shinken Kan work towards achieving clarity in our karate and in our lives as a whole as well as being deliberate in all of our actions and behavior ​to seek the truth. A deliberate heart makes a deliberate hand.

We operate on the principle that the hand is directly motivated by the heart. A good heart ​motivates good actions and a bad heart motivates bad actions. So through our karate we strive to have a good heart so we can have good actions.

One of our most valuable beliefs is that we should treat each other as human beings first, and martial artists second. This belief applies both on and off the dojo floor. This means our karate extends outside the dojo through the good behaviors we strive to develop.

​The greatest asset we have as an Alliance is the example set by our leaders and senior instructors. ​Their understanding of the mission to represent as human beings first and martial artists second assures that the lessons will be passed down to future generations and that we can preserve and conserve the teachings of Ryukyu Kempo Karate.

​Allan Amor ​Kaicho

​Head of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance

What does Shinken Kan do?

Our physical training consists of various ​exercises and traditional kata meant to also exercise the mind and spirit.​​ Our central focus is to recognize the value in each martial artist as a human being, ​Our training is to better protect ​​what is valuable to us. We train to protect ourselves not only from ​physical threats, but ​anything that causes us​ pain​, physically, mentally, or spiritually - from the volatile and the unknown.​ Therefore we work to achieve clarity of ​body, mind, and spirit​. 

​As a part of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance, we follow the URKA curriculum​, working on empty-hand kata, weapons training, kanji (Japanese characters), and traditional dojo etiquette and discipline as well as various exercises and calisthenics and their physical and mental applications in karate and life.

​"Human Beings First, Martial Artists Second"

Shinken Kan's Philosophy

Shinken Kan was established because my heart was overwhelmed with the realization of a need in our society for the teachings of Ryukyu Kempo Karate. With that realization came urgency to pass on the teachings of Ryukyu Kempo that were given to me. I was compelled to start Shinken Kan. It wasn't only my desire to teach that started Shinken Kan, but it was the genuine encouragement I felt from my instructor.

I want to pass along that same genuine sincerity I received. Just as my instructor recognized that desire in me to take the steps required to do good, I want to support my students in the same manner. It took one person to spark the fire that has now been fanned into a flame that is blazing with fervor. Ryukyu Kempo can do the same for you.

​Seeking the Truth

​We all seek truth in our words, thoughts, actions, and every other part of our life.​ ​​Truth revealed in karate is not separate from truth in life, therefore seeking the truth in karate helps us find a truthful path in life.

​To find a truthful path, we have to have good examples to follow both in Karate and life. ​Examples of both good karate practitioners and good human beings.​ Life can be a struggle but when we have people who care about us alongside us who walked the path before us, we realize we don't have to do it alone. That connectedness and unity allows us to accomplish great things thorough our combined efforts.

This truth is the very reason I realized the need for teaching Ryukyu Kempo Karate. We can find the truth better together. This is what Shinken Kan was born to strive for with an unmovable mind.

​We're all looking for the truth...

Student Expectations

What can I expect as a student of Shinken Kan?

​At Shinken Kan, you will develop a solid framework for protecting yourself. In addition, you will develop confidence, self-control, coordination, balance, and power. You will learn to mitigate internal and external conflict. You will learn to process new information quickly. You will learn to plan and achieve measurable g​oals. You will build real, lasting, and valuable relationships with people all over the world.

You can expect fun and exciting classes. We are not rigid in our teaching. Karate is a journey that allows us to express ourselves in a unique and powerful way while exploring and working to achieve our greatest potential. 

Let's embark on this journey together!

What ​do you expect from me as a student of Shinken Kan?

We seek students with the same kind of passion for seeking the truth I had. As a student of Shinken Kan, the greatest requirement we have for you is a willingness to learn. We follow the one way of Ryukyu Kempo Karate. Therefore we require a willingness to explore that path. If you simply show up and demonstrate a willingness to learn and explore with us, I promise that all of my experience and passion as a human being and as a senior instructor in the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance is yours to access.

"All of my experience and passion is yours to access."

​Our Black Belts

Our journey begins on a path that is clearly defined by our leaders. Like myself and all our other black belts, we began as students. Black belts are characterized by their good example, providing clear footprints for students to follow.  As we gain experience, it becomes necessary to give back, not out of duty, but out of desire. It is our job as instructors  to represent all that is good in karate. I have great pride in my school's black belts as they create footprints and strive to be an inspiration for those on the same path.

John Brandmeyer Shinken Kan

​John Brandmeyer

​​Jordan Berry

​​Laura Berry

Cody Lawrence Shinken Kan

​Cody Lawrence