United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance

The United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance exists to pass on the art of Ryukyu Kempo Karate. It's aim is to bring people together in friendship and support, to promote all that is good in karate. Ryukyu Kempo Karate is a life protection art form. It incorporates all aspects of the human condition. Our art can be practiced and developed for better clarity in not only life threatening situations, but life in general. The traditional Ryukyu Kempo practice evolves from the need to protect family, country, and property. It is practiced by adults and also introduced to youth to develop discipline, responsibility, patience, and respect. Ryukyu Kempo Karate is about leaving the value of a work ethic and disciplined behavior. Character development  through Ryukyu Kempo Karate creates a strong and deliberate path in an otherwise undisciplined society.

United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Mission

United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Logo
The United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance is an organization formed to bring sincere martial artists together in brotherhood.
A group of martial artists who believe in the traditional concept of One Heart, One Mind, and One Spirit who uplift each other with support and pride in friendship.
An Alliance of karateka who unite together to represent and promote all that is good in traditional karate.

The most important principle we operate on is the philosophy that hand is directly motivated by the heart. A good heart creates good actions by the hand and a bad heart creates bad actions by the hand. Every Ryukyu Kempo practitioner holds to the truth of this principle in their practice as well as in our everyday life.

We strive to follow a traditional set of moral values called the Dojo Kun, which serve as the foundation for good behaviors on and off the dojo floor. In addition, we follow a set of Guiding Principles regarding behavior and training which guides our actions through our karate practice.

All of our karate teachings have been, and continue to be, passed down with integrity through the generations. These teachings are passed from teacher to student as recorded in our lineage. These people who brought us the karate we have today are central to our art. They were the good examples that created the footprints on the path that we follow in karate to this day.

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What Does United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Training Consist of?

The United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance training consists of defending our lives, family, and anything else we hold dear. Every student strives for character development and follows a curriculum of traditional karate exercises. These include kata (or forms) as well as other exercises derived from them. We practice twelve basic empty-hand kata to develop our minds and bodies. We also practice traditional Okinawan weaponry called kobudo for the purpose of enhancing our empty-hand skills. In addition, we practice kanji (Japanese characters), traditional dojo etiquette and discipline, and various other exercises.

Empty-Hand Kata     |     Weapons

​Summer Camp

Every year, the URKA holds it's annual international Summer Camp in Oak Grove Missouri. URKA members and their families from around the world travel to attend this camp. This is a weekend-long event where we train and grow together. Camp presents us with a valuable opportunity to broaden our understanding of true karate and develop valuable relationships. It also allows us to interact with ranks ranging from white belt to black belt. The United Ryukyu Kempo summer camps are a very important part of our karate. Summer Camp demonstrates the consistency and impact in our art across the world. 

2016 HQ Summer Camp

2017 HQ Summer Camp

International Seminars

United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance members have the opportunity to travel every year to our international seminars. These seminars are held at various URKA dojos around the world. The URKA values bringing people together for a central purpose which is accomplished through our training seminars. As a member of the URKA, you will develop valuable relationships with members of our international dojos. All URKA dojos interact and share relationships.