​Dojo Rules

Shinken Kan along with all other United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance dojos consistently practice these rules. The dojo rules provide structure to the dojo. They set a standard that we can all adhere to clearly and simply. Following these rules cultivates a disciplined mind which can benefit us in every part of our life. This approach develops good behavior that we can also exemplify outside the dojo.

  • 1
    Show respect by bowing as you enter or leave the dojo.
  • 2
    Always come to attention when a black belt enters the dojo, even if it is during a class.
  • 3
    Walk alongside the walls when entering or leaving the dojo.
  • 4
    Ask permission to join a class when entering late.
  • 5
    Never interrupt an instructor during class. Questions may be asked by raising your hand and being recognized.
  • 6
    Shoes are not permitted on the training floor.
  • 7
    Prior to class, all loose jewelry should be removed.
  • 8
    Your uniform should always be kept neat and clean. The obi (belt) should be worn at all times and properly tied around the waist.
  • 9
    No loitering or horse play. Students are expected to practice discipline at all times.
  • 10
    Food or drink are not allowed on the dojo floor.
  • 11
    Never abuse weapons or equipment by throwing them down or placing them where they may be damaged.
  • 12
    Students should contribute to keeping the dojo clean and in good repair.