​Dojo Rules

​The ​Dojo Kun​ are rules which serve as the foundation of how we structure our behaviors and they exemplify the values we ​as karate practitioners strive to hold in our everyday lives on and off the dojo floor. They are ​the result of ancient Okinawan ​karate tradition which still holds powerful and relevant to this day both for those who practice karate and those who don't. The dojo kun are universal​ in their application to develop exemplary behavior for the construction of a peaceful and free world. ​​They bring us together for a central purpose we can all rally around and are not limited to any race, creed, color, culture, or religion. 

  • 1
    ​To Strive for a Good Moral Character
  • 2
    To Keep an Honest and Sincere Way
  • 3
    To Cultivate Perseverance or a Will for Striving
  • 4
    To Develop a Respectful Attitude
  • 5
    To Restrain My Physical Ability Through Spiritual Attainment
dojo kun